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Studio Yoga Dhyana started in 2000 thanks to Patrizia Gregori, a teacher graduating with BKS Iyengar.
In Rome’s yoga field, Studio Yoga Dhyana imarked by its great vitality so as to unite students coming from the most varied contexts, including a missionary – Sanskrit scholar, who was initiated into Yoga by BKS Iyengar himself at his centre in Pune, India. Some of these students will be trained to issue the diploma Iyengar diploma in turn.

This vitality is harnessed on occasions to meet other teachers and will launch deeper seminars, monthly and over Summers, which students from other schools can also attend.
After 10 years’ school life, Patrizia Gregori decided to broaden her awareness and met Dona Holleman, the favourite student of BKS Iyengar, who distanced himself from the Master so as to start his own method.
Patrizia Gregori drew on these two internationally recognized teachers, to nourish herself and at the same time get the teaching across to her students.

Starting from basic Karma Yoga teaching, hence right action, both make the massage current. Through the use of supports and sequences of positions, Iyengar makes performing asana (posture) possible for all, even the sick.
In her method, which she calls Centered Yoga, Dona Holleman puts forward eight principles of life, including the meditative mind loaned from Krishnamurti, the intent of Castaneda, alignment from Iyengar.
In her teaching, Patrizia Gregori draws on both the method from Iyengar, con the use of supports and alternation of sequences, and free thinking which spread over the last 50 years and is stressed by Dona Holleman.
Applying the basic principles learnt from her Masters, Patrizia Gregori personalises her teaching on the basis of students’ needs, as occurred in ancient times.

The ‘liberation’ promoted by Yoga is hardly liberation from the human condition, but from the solicitations of everyday life, false needs, generated by the mind and becoming duty.

Patrizia Gregori, Centered Yoga teacher, International Centered Yoga Association’s vice president and Centered Yoga Studio Dhyana founder.

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